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on Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:09 pm

There are times that installation and rooting will fail if not enabled.

1. Make sure your unit has Developer rights.
2. Unknown Resources should be enabled in Security Settings.
3. After installing, Reboot
4. Run rooting app
5. If Rooting failed, uninstall all rooting apps and start over again from step 3-4.

Here are the list of Rooting apps and supported units

OPTION 1- Vroot 1.6.1 via OTA

1.Download and Install Vroot 1.6.1

http:// d/603dff83

Here is another link credit to aquaman007 file/774484

2. Make sure you have internet connection via wifi or mobile data.

3. Run Vroot. It will process, continue and download Kinguser

4. If succesful kinguser icon R will be seen in your apps.

5. Check with root checker.

6. If succesfully rooted uninstall Vroot and the check with root checker again.

OPTION 2- Vroot 1.6.1 and Kinguser(No Internet Connection

1. Download and Install Kinguser
2. Open minimize
3. Download and install Vroot
4. Open Vroot and see if asking permission from Kinguser. Allow
5. Check with root checker if succesfully rooted
6. If rooted already. Uninstall Vroot them
7. Check with root checker again

OPTION 3- SparkyRoot and SuperSu( No internet connection)

1. Download SparkyRoot.
2. Make sure that Unknown Resources is checked in security settings..
Menu> Settings> Unknown sources (ON)

3.Install SparkyRoot.and follow all the on-screen
instructions you see.

4. Open SparkyRoot
and tap
on the option of “Exploit”
which will move and replace
the files in the busybox.
5. Install the Superuser application..If succesful you will see the Su application icon which is an android logo.
6. Check with root checker
7. If rooted,you can now uninstall SparkyRoot and check with root checker again.

8. If not succesful here is the trick.
a. Do not remove SparkyRoot and Superuser apps
b. Install SuperSu 2.0.1
C. SuperSu will prompt to update su binary just allow.
d. Now SuperSu will detect other Su apps to remove. Just allow and SparkyRoot and Su apps will be uninstalled.
e. Check with root checker.

9. Do tutorial
from the start just in case the super user app is not

Gingerbread User

Sa mga Gingerbread dyan try nyo ito.

Option 1
1. Copy file to SD
2. Go to recovery mode.
3. Install from SD and choose file
4. If succesful unit will reboot or manual reboot
5. Look for SuperSu icon
6. Open and update Su binary
7. If succesfull, check with rootchecker.

Option 2
1.If not able to update su binary, install Vroot and Run SuperSU again.
2. Our goal is to be able to install SuperSu so we can use it as an exploit to Vroot.

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