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Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Super Heroes & Marvel VS Capcom 2 ♦ direct links

on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:23 pm
Marvel Vs Capcom
Clash of Super Heroes

Release: 2009
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Developer: Capcom
Language: En
Size: 160 MB

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (also known as Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or MvC2) is the fourth and final game in the series of fighting games Marvel vs. Capcom. In the game the same place 3 on 3 battles, unlike its predecessor, where the fights were 2 for 2. This is the only game in the series, which uses a system NAOMI, designed for 3D games. The game is evident in the first place on the backgrounds and special effects, as well as in the Abyss area. Marvel vs Capcom 2 was later ported to the Dreamcast, Xbox and PlayStation 2.
Console versions are now very difficult to find on eBay, they sold more than $ 120, and the chances to see them in the window is extremely small. Marvel Black Heart Cable Captain America Colossus Cyclops Doctor Doom Gambit Hulk Iceman Iron Man Juggernaut Magneto Murrow Psaylok Omega Red Rogue Sabretooth Guards Shuma-Gorath Silver Samurai Spider-Man Spiral Storm Thanos Venom fighting vehicle Wolverine Wolverine (skeleton) Capcom Akuma (Gouki in Japan) Amingo Anakaris Bibi Hood (bullet in Japan) Kemmi Captain Commando, Charlie (Nash in Japan), Chun-Li Dan Hibiki Dalsim Felicia Gaile Jill Hayato Jin Ken M. Bayson (Vega in Japan) Megamen (Rokkuman in Japan) The role of Morrighan Rubis Hart Ryu Sakura Servbot (Kobun in Japan) Sonson Strider Hiryu Tron Bonne (Throne of Japan) Zanghi

System requirements:
Pentium 1.6 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
Video: 128 MB

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