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Default MW2 Launcher & Mod Loader (Offline MP/SP/SPEC OPS COOP/Online MP)

on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:41 pm
COD MW2 Launcher & Mod Loader (Offline MP/SP/SPEC OPS COOP/Online MP)

updated to version 3 online MP with repzIW4 servers

================================================== ======================
1. Loader uses a Global Hotkey
- ALT-F12 – send a Connect command to aIW Console
- ALT-END – send a Disconnect command to aIW Console
- F12 – send a Connect command
Please use this RESPONSIBLY or else it will clog up your system then your PC will HANG
up, Crash and Explode. just a joke, but SERIOUSLY, don’t be a rebel, don’t abuse the
Hot Keys

2. Files included that would upset your AV, better add MW2 folder to you AV exclusion list
- COD Modern Warfare 2 LAN.exe (rar files back up, in case you AV deleted files below)
- iw4sp_Spec_Ops.exe (from teknogods)
- TeknoMW2.dll (from teknogods)

================================================== ==============================
COD MW2 Loader v3 beta 1.rar - 14bnqvod9zk5
Virustotal scan file

RSE_v26_re-package.rar (re-arranged for loader use) w3bxtxbuj12q
you can get it from the source, but you have to move the PC Folder and IWNetserver.exe to IWNetserver Folder, then goto Zone/English and copy the mp_playlists.ff then paste it on IWNetserver\PC folder.

================================================== ===============================

1. BACK UP YOUR MW2 GAME - Easy way is to copy your game folder to a new folder OR you can pick off those files that will be overwritten.

2. Extract the COD MW2 Loader v3 beta into the MW2 folder (overwrite all)
3. Extract the RSE_v26 to the MW2 folder (overwrite all)

Continue, please follow below ……….

For those already have installed the repziw4 cleint, Continue here…..

4. Open the COD MW2 Loader.exe
5. goto ONLINE Tab
6, then click Update Files (this will update your repziw4 client files and back up the alter files)


For those who want to play online but have not installed the repziw4 client, Continue here……

4. download the repziw4 client (
5. extract the LauncherV3.exe & DBNetwork.IndigoSxS.dll to your MW2 Folder
6. execute the Launcher.exe - wait till it finish updating files
7. Open the COD MW2 Loader.exe
8. goto ONLINE Tab
9, then click Update Files (this will update your repziw client files and back up the alter files)


For those who ONLY want to play offline, Continue here……

4. Open the COD MW2 Loader.exe


================================================== =============
You can now play your MW2
- Offline Multiplayer
- Offline Multiplayer MODS
- Single Player Campaign
- Solo - SPEC OPS
- Two Player COOP - SPEC OPS Offline
- Online Multiplayer (repziw4 servers)

READ COD MW2 Loader.nfo for more details
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