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on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:02 pm

❖❖Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus❖❖
Check the screenshots and you will see the most AWESOME mobile music game ever!
Just PLAY and ENJOY!
- 100+ songs and 200+ variations, including many from famous composers around the world
- Beautiful hand-drawn art style (as illustrated in the screenshots)
- Easy, intuitive Active Scan Line system and 3 types of notes
- Different display modes allow player-friendly previewing of notes
- Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback for taps
- More than 9 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges
- Various music genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM 'N BASS and many more
- Connect to Facebook and show off your Cytus skills
- Follow along the Active Scan Line
- Tap each note as the line passes through
- Time your taps as the line is at the center of the note for a higher score!
In the distant future, the only sentient beings in the world are robots.
They are the last remnant of the human spirit.
However, mankind is not dead.
Technology exists that is capable of transferring memories to these robots.
But with limited space, new memories will gradually overwrite the old.
To prevent the emotions in human memories from fading away, the robots resorted to converting the emotions to music, and storing them in a place called Cytus.
The robots use these songs to experience human emotion and dream that souls exists in each of them...

Cytus 7.0
Thanks for the enthusiastic support round the globe, our Million Project has stepped through the milestone of 800,000 downloads.
-Chapter 10 and Chapter S unlocked for free!
800,000 downloads in the Million Project, 2 free chapters for all!
-New special chapter: Chapter Retro
Pixel style artwork, 8-bit music, together let's join the classic game world!
-Renewed charts for many songs in Chapter 1 - Chapter 3, providing new experience of epic songs.

- - - Updated - - -

It can be identified if the the ring around the START is red in color. The ring is blue in normal songs.

Original: Ververg [CHAPTER I]
Hidden : Ververg II
How To Access : When the light is at its dimmest point, tap the torch.

Original: Precipitation [CHAPTER II]
Hidden: Precipitation ver.B
How To Access: Drag two fingers on the screen from top to bottom following the lines.

Original: Entrance [CHAPTER II]
Hidden: Precipitation at the Entrance I
Hidden: Precipitation at the Entrance II
How To Access: Drag the shadows of the wings into the middle. Left for I and Right for II

Original: Saika [CHAPTER III]
Hidden: Saika II
How To Access: Tap both words until they are blue, then tap the screen.

Original: L [CHAPTER VII]
Hidden: L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness)
Hidden: L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation)
How To Access: Hold the L until it changes color. Red for L2 Ver.A and Blue for L2 Ver.B

Original: Slit [CHAPTER VIII]
Hidden: Slit O
Hidden: Slit I
How To Access: On the ∅, slide from top left to bottom right for Slit O, slide from top right to bottom left for Slit I

Original: First Gate [CHAPTER IX]
Hidden: First Gate Overdrive
How To Access: Tap FIRST GATE and it will show OVERDRIVE, then tap the screen.

How To Access: On each chapters (I-X) screen, just tap on easy/hard total numbers

Hidden: Music. The Eternity of Us
How To Access: Complete all songs in Chapter K.

Original: Conflict
Hidden: Conflict 2
How To Access: Continuously tap the word "Conflict" until it fades

APK (direct link):



(google drive):

Just install APK & paste OBB folder (PATH: sdcard0>Android>obb). Enjoy!
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