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Avabel Online

on Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:32 am
AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the best in smartphone graphics.
You can enjoy the games exhilarating features, such as smooth combo strikes, sequential attacks with jump action, etc.
With the BETA Test version, a max of 100 players can fight each other in real time (PvP: Player vs Player), or enjoy action battles that occur in the vast fields of the towers 12 Floors. Going beyond the boundaries of OS, both Android and iOS users can play together in the same world.

The worlds stages of adventure are referred to as the "Main Tower" and "Dungeon." The "Main Tower" is a map where powerful monsters roam the MMO field (multiplayer field connected at the same time), while the "Dungeon" is an MO Field (Field where multiple players enter) with paths that change each time upon entering; a so-called dungeon of unlimited labyrinths. Various functions are still being planned to be added. Look forward to the increasingly more exciting game of AVABELL ONLINE.

■ "Main Tower" where powerful monsters wait
 In AVABEL ONLINE the field called the "Main Tower" is the main adventure field. Each of beautifully built towers wander monsters, and each subsequent floor containing even stronger bosses and enemies.

■Utilize a variety of class skills
 In "AVABEL ONLINE" there are 6 classes with a variety of skills available for each. Once you learn a powerful skill, you can go on an adventure in the field, PvP (Player vs Player), or GvG (Guild vs Guild) as your battle style expands and becomes more heated. Also, you are now able to freely change your class up to level 20, so you can try out the different classes and see what is best suited for you.

■Largely enriched guild features
 In AVABEL ONLINE, by belonging to a guild, your status, such as offense and defense power can be raised for a certain period of time. You can also participate in the up to 100 persons Guild vs Guild battles.

▼Guild Bulletin Board
 There is a Bulletin Board available for each guild. Even if fellow guild members are not logged in, you are able to leave behind messages.

▼Guild Skill
 You can obtain guild skills with guild points. There are skills to increase experience, drop rate (ratio of acquiring items), and enhance status, to help you take better advantage of advancing in your adventure.

■ Freely make your character with the avatar and equipment function!
 There are two ways of adding items to your character, avatar and equipment. When equipping your character your status is revised, but changing your avatar will not grant abilities. The looks are designed by your avatar, for status enhancement change equipment. Depending on how you add items, you can freely make your own character.



*A class that is good in close combat. They have various skills that will come close to the opponents and scatter them in a instant. It is recommended for players that want to play in the front lines.

Weapon can be equipped with: Dagger, 1HSword, 2HSword, Blunt, Axe

Warrior builds

Soldier- focus STR and VIT and you'll be a walking tank. Use Ogre Swing and your trusty two hand sword to smash anything in your way.

Raider- again focus on STR and VIT but use any one handed weapon to throw a bit of speed into the mix. Few things are as deadly as an determined Raider.


*A class that masters supporting the team. Powerful recovering and various support skills are a must have for any party. It is recommended for players that love to heal and keep the team alive.

Equippable Weapons: Blunt, Rod


*A class that uses far range weapons such as bows and guns. Attacking from far away, they will always have an advantage. It is recommended for players that like shooting from afar.

Equippable Weapons: Dagger, Guns, 2 Hand Bows

Ranger builds

Sniper- focus solely on STR. Every shot counts so why not charge your shots? Use terrain to your advantage and charge up a hail Mary to bring down even the biggest baddies. And if some poor sap gets too close show em that the only thing deadlier than 5.56mm is the Stock of your gun using the rangers melee knock back move.

Hunter- focus on STR and INT allowing all your skills with a bow to translate into pure unrestrained pain.


*A class that is good in using magic to attack. they will control various types of magic and light with there skills. It is recommended for players that love and crave magic.

Equippable Weapons: Dagger, Rod


*A class that can fight from close to far. They are technical fighters that will change their attack style to suit the situation. It is recommended to player that like to use tricky moves.

Equippable Weapons: Dagger, Sword

Rouge builds

Renegade- focus on STR and VIT to jump in face first and put the hurt on anything that moves. Use Rumble Vain to hack and slash then Dodge dagger to evade. Rinse and repeat.

Assassin- focus on INT and DEX to have your enemies brought to heel from a distance with Throw Dagger and Dodge Dagger. Utilize Poisons and stealthy smoke bombs to evade close combat. Strength wins fights but intelligence wins wars.

Ninja- focus on STR DEX and INT. Ninjas are adept killers using speed strength and cunning to topple armies (and evil tree monsters) Use Rumble Vain to get in close then Kill Drive to evade and top it off with a couple of Throw Daggers.


*A class that can manufacture simple items and fight. Wide range attacks and supportive skills will be a great help to the party. It is recommended for players that want unique, and creative skills.

Equippable Weapons: Dagger, 1HSword, Blunt, Axe

Creator builds

Medic- focus on INT and use a mace to get the most out of your healing spells.

Vanguard- focus on STR and INT to to help hold the frontlines alongside the warrior classes. Utilizing a mace and your ability to heal yourself you can hold your own with the best of the best.

Field Commander- focus on INT and DEX. you won't be up front but you control the field with acid flasks and fire bottles. Try fighting from within your healing mist.

Join our guild.. PH AllStar

goto guild board and search the guild name.. You must be lvl10 above.. We need acolyte for GvG...

Channel 8 tayo guys..

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