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Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising English Path of Heroes Download Help and Guides

on Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:35 am

Download here:
Apk - download/41gree11djk4i94/
Obb - download/30o181ex6mthv6j/
Extract obb files to /sdcard/Android/obb

Choose Your character.

Once you reach your job level to 35 you can go to The Elder at Lan Forta to change job.
Swordsman - Knight
Acolyte - Priest
Mage - Wizard
Thief Assassin

Here are some tips and builds.

Knights (Damage Per Second or Tank/Wall/Shield Type)


Priest (Battle or Full Support)

Assassin (Dagger or Katar)

Level up your character fast.
1. Do Single Dungeons.
2. Do your main quest.
Kafra storage can be opened at Level 10 and Account Storage can be opened at Level 20
Keep your valuable items at start.
Time Capsule, Superior Forging Tool, Eluniums, Oridecons, Flash Stick

Starting Equips.
They give freebies now.
But if you want some stronger equips here are some help.

First lets do some review about rankings.
Rank 1 armors, weapons, cards, and mercenaries are all color WHITE or GRAY(merc)
Rank 2 armors, weapons, cards, and mercenaries are all color GREEN
Rank 3 armors, weapons, cards, and mercenaries are all color ORANGE
Rank 4 armors, weapons, cards, and mercenaries are all color PURPLE
Rank 5 armors, weapons, cards, and mercenaries are all color PURPLE (ergh just look at the rank because same color with rank 4)

Now for the stonger equips:

Try disassembling your rank 2,3,4 equipments be sure they're trash. (helms cannot be disassembled)
Go to Rune Artificier NPC

Str rune - weapon knight/thief
Magic rune- wiz staff
Holy runes - priest mace.
Bless runes - accessory
Agility runes - shoes
Def runes - armor, manteau and shields.
(You can also sell this runes. Check auctions for prices.)

Now go to the Artificiers (weapon,armor,or accessory)
Look at some of the equips that best suit your job.
Check if you have the requirements needed.
Low level equips can be easily crafted. You can buy some materials from Merchant Npc.
High level equips are harder either you have rubies or you have zenny to buy some materials.
If your lucky you might get some VVS or VVVS equips. Hooray and Jump. Great Success.

For rankings check above.

Just go to Card Master Npc and equip your cards to your slotted equips.

Only some have the item for removing. Just be careful on what you put on your equips so it

wont get messed up.

This one have been my business when I was starting. Now here are some guides.
Item for compounding can be bought at Merchant Npc. Converter.

Rank 1 + Rank 1 = Rank 2 (Random)
Rank 2 + Rank 2 = Rank 3 or if fail you get back 1 Rank 2 (Random)
For Advance Converter at Ruby Shop
Rank 3 + Rank 3 = Rank 4 or if fail you get back 1 Rank 3 (Random)

Some Rank 3 cards that are valuable.
Alice Card for shoes Hp +340
Bloody murdere for armor Def +7

Best spot for runes and cards- Vs training wolves at Orc woods

For ranks see above.
Poring, King Poring are not for battle they are just for levelling up your mercs. They got great Experience points.
Dont waste too much of them at weak mercs instead keep them for future mercs.

Here are some guides:
HP absorb

R2 normal: 2% - green framing of the card or merc
R2 S: 4%
R2 SS: 6%

R3 normal: 3% - orange framing of the card or merc
R3 S: 6%
R3 SS: 9%

R4 normal: 4% - purple framing of the card or merc
R4 S: 8%
R4 SS: 12%

To easy finish levels in dungeon dont use auto mode and ride a mount.
Instead use target button and dont move. Try it you will see the trick.
Your mercs will not get damage unless you are damaged.
If your mercs have stronger attack than you then dont let them die. Dont get hit they wont die. Just run and run because the monster will still come to you.

Mercenary Battle:

Here you can fight with other mercenaries of characters.
You only have 30 tries a day. (1 key per battle)
You can receive some items once you win or sometimes there's nothing even if you won.

Here are some items:
Rough Oridecon
Gold coins
Rough Elunium
Pots and Zenny

Single Dungeon Boxes:
These boxes are dropped by mimic once the word MONSTER appear kill that mimic.

Level 1 and 2 = Club Box
Level 3 and 4 = Heart Box
Level 5 and 6 = Diamond Box
Level 7 and 8 = Spade Box
Sometimes no drop. Ouch!
Many have listed some of the items inside the boxes here are some.

Club box- the unstoppable Dwarf Agility Bandana. (hope its just a bug)
Heart Box- some rank 3 equips, Gold Coins, gold inggot and card boxes.
Diamond box - some rank 4 equips Gold coins, gold inggot and Yellow eggs.
Spade box - here are some great equips from level 60-80

wolf claw r4, Nagan S, Evil wing S and more unknown items.
Red Eggs- Sohee and Succubus possible here

Golden Chest Event. Sometimes you will notice the three chest will be different.
Here are some items inside the box.

A dumb mercenary
Poring (yeah Exp)
King Poring (yeah more exp)
R4 trashy equips

At high level dungeons:

platinum def S
evil wing S
ancient gloves rank4
and some more.

Abyss dungeon guides.

PH Time : 9:50 am novice 10:20am for intermediate.
6:50 pm novice 7:20pm intermediate


Novice : dwarf box pieces A and dwarf key piece (depends on days for key piece)
Intermediate : dwarf box pieces B and dwarf key piece + Gold.

Box pieces A at novice depends on rankings. the higher your rank the more you get.
Box pieces B is a Team play. once the Boss is not killed everyone will not get anything except key pieces.

15 Dwarf box piece A = 1 locked box A = 1 Dwarf Box A. (keys are not needed now. dont know if bugged.)
30 Dwarf Box piece b = 1 locked box B = 1 Dwarf Box B.

now opening this Boxes is risky but here are some of them.

Celestial Stick
Celestial Magic Stones
Celestial Hammer
Card Box a
Mage Box C
Swordsman Box C and a lot more.

Here are some good stuff
Frika helm A,B,C,D,E,F
frika circlet A,B,C,D,E,F
and frika's for every job.

Battle Front. (single battle)
PH Time 10:50am and 10:50pm

If your not that strong yet you can stay with the guard and wait for a lucky time that you will become a valkyrie. there you will get fame to buy the 10k pricy box ^_^

If it gets hard to level up ask for help.
But please be wary that some are busy. Dont get frustated, instead just be patient, enjoy, and have fun.

Poring Server Players here who posted their IGN


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