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on Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:36 pm
Call of Duty games didn’t have the best of PC launches ever, and Infinity Ward made sure that doesn’t change with the launch of Call of Duty Ghosts.
At the time of writing, every other player in the game is experiencing bizarre memory leak resulting in performance-related issues leading to sub-par performance even on the best of gaming machines.
I am sure Infinity Ward would fix some of these issues with the upcoming patches, but if you can’t wait that long and want to get into the game as soon as possible, your only option is to roll with the community suggested workarounds that I have listed below:
#1 – Call of Duty Ghosts 6GB RAM Fix
Minimum requirements of the game explicitly ask you to have 6GB of Ram and 64bit OS. If you do not meet the requirements, you can use Steam006′s game fix that removes the RAM limitation from the game and allows you to play the game even if you do not meet the minimum requirements.
You can download ‘Call of Duty Ghosts Ram Fix by Steam006′ and start playing. Exploit was developed by member of the Russian underground hacking group ‘CS.RIN.RU’. Use it at your own risk.
It’s basically a game fix, not a crack. It allows your system to use all the RAM that is available. It may or may not work for you but is worth a try since it has worked for majority.
#2 Call of Duty Ghosts FOV Fix – How To Change
You might be surprised seeing how the game doesn’t offer any option to set FOV of your choice. Don’t worry though, you can change the FOV using community developed tools like Fovely.
If you are wondering whether you will be banned for using FOV Mod. When the issue was raised last time around in this thread, a developer replied by saying “We do not mind if a PC user has the FOV changer mod. We also do not ban anyone that is using the FOV mod”.
5 necessary softwares to run games
#3 – Call of Duty Ghosts Stuttering Fix
Applications with in-game overlay are known to cause stuttering in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Disable Fraps (If you have it installed) and Steam in-game overlay Make sure you have capped the frame rate in options as you may be trying to play the game at frame rate that your monitor can’t handle.
Alternatively, you can set the process priority to normal. By default, priority is set to high, which may be the reason for all the stuttering in game.
#4 – Call of Duty Ghosts Flickering Fix
If you are running the game on SLI or crossfire config, you might experience certain parts of your weapons (Attachments – silencer, scope) flicker a bit. To fix that issue, you will have to run the game on single card settings.
#5 – Call of Duty Ghosts Random Freezes – How To Fix
If you are experiencing random freezes while playing Ghosts, you should download the latest 331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers from Nvidia to resolve the issue. They are optimized for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts so they should solve any performance-related issues you might experience.
#6 – Mouse Sensitivity/Acceleration Fix
Games that do not use raw input experience mouse sensitivity issues on Windows 8.1. What you can do is work with the following workarounds until an official fix resolves the issue.
Make sure that ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ is not set to ‘ON’ in Control Panel > Mouse.
Make sure that your mouse software doesn’t have ‘Acceleration’ set to ‘ON’.
If things don’t work out, try reducing the ‘Polling Rate’ of your mouse using its software. Reduce the polling rate to 250Hz or 125Hz to fix the issue.
#7 – Failed to Start Game Unknown Error
Make sure you are running the game at 64 bit OS with 8GB Ram installed. If you try to run the game on 32 bit system, you may encounter this error.
#8 – Call of Duty Ghosts Performance Fixes
If you are performance related issues while playing Ghosts, you can try the following workarounds:
Turn off Terrain Detail (Basically turns off Tesselation resulting in performance boost).
Turn off Depth of Field and Motion Blur
#9 – Fixing Steam in-Game Overlay
If you have Fraps installed, you may have to uninstall it if you want to use Steam in-game community overlay.
#10 – Improve Graphics on Better Rigs
If you have a good enough rig that can presumably play Call of Duty Ghosts at max settings, you shouldn’t allow the game to set the options automatically as it up-scales the graphics from a lower resolution to achieve 60 FPS.
You can easily fix it by playing around in graphics settings. For example setting the image quality to extra and changing aspect ratio from auto to aspect ratio of your monitor drastically increases the graphics quality in these cases.
By doing so, you will be able to get rid of the blurriness.
#11 – Call of Duty Ghosts Lag Fix
If your lag is not related to your internet connection, setting priority to normal may do wonders for you. If your game is not running smoothly you should open your task manager, go to the ghosts process and right click on it to set priority to normal.

#12 – Call of Duty Ghosts Crashes – How To Fix
If you are experiencing random crashes while playing Ghosts, you should download the latest 331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers from nVidia to resolve the issue.
Update to latest AMD beta drivers might somewhat fix this issue for those running the game on AMD cards.
#13 – Call of Duty Ghosts Low FPS Fix
Currently the game is experiencing a bizzare memory leak which for one reason or another is causing random freezes, stuttering, FPS drop and other performance related issues. Workarounds to somewhat fix it are:
Closing all background applications like Fraps/Dxtory.
Running the game processes on normal priority.
#14 – Game Has Stopped Working, Menu Contents Not Available
If you come across these two issues, you should verify the game cache. If you experience the same issue after verifying the cache, make sure you do not have Fraps or Dxtory running in the background. Those two programs seem to have a beef with the game and may result in random issues like this.
#15 – Memory Leak, Freezes, Stuttering, Lag
Call of Duty Ghosts is currently plagued by a serious memory leak that may cause random crashes, freezes and stuttering for even the high-end PCs.
Best is to use the optimized drivers from nVidia/AMD and wait for the developers to fix the issue. You can do try to improve the experience by running the game process at normal priority.
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